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iMage Plus Fine Art and Special Projects

Here we can offer you any of our images plus further services such as enlargements, exhibition mounting, framing and manipulation services etc.

If you require one of our  images with some image manipulation or modification such as change of tone, resizing, high or low contrast, colour to black and white, or other special effects etc., then please talk to us about our iMage Plus service. We can now do most things with images and if we can't, we usually know somebody who can. We will be pleased to discuss any requirements you may have.

Similarly we can extend this type of service to any of your own images if required.

Shortly we will be offering other new exciting iMage Plus services including  merging  graphics and text designs with images and other forms of multimedia.

Fine Art and Special Projects

Also superbly artistic, creative photography and printing services, enabling photographs to be used and displayed as works of art for gallery type use and high-end quality advertising. These services have formerly been associated with art house movements,  fashion, music, theatre and performance.

Any projects along these lines should be thought about most carefully from conception to finished display. We are always delighted to be involved in anything different or  that has real edge and can provoke emotional response.

Hand printing, toning, digital manipulation, specially coated textures and surfaces can all go a long way to bring real meaning to an image that's screaming to be seen.

Possibilities are endless when text, other forms of media and even soundtracks are called up where and when necessary. We will be expanding this area further very shortly.

Watch this space and think on!

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Or you can write to us at:  Anthony Mosley Photographer, 16 Edgecombe Way, St Ann's Chapel, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9HJ.

Telephone and Fax:  01822 833204.


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